Horsemanship Videos & Human Interest

All your episodes in one convenient place. The first lesson is at the bottom of the page, work your way up to the top which is the latest video released. We have a huge inventory of videos, one will be uploaded every couple days. Please feel free to leave comments at the bottom as well. Enjoy! Cody & Farrah.

#40 Red Hot Jade and I at the CowTown Derby  Such a nice horse. He was 2nd in the open, won the Limited Open,and the Novice Horse Open, he was also 2nd in the NonPro with his owner Bart Holowath.

#39 The Tennessee Walking Horse Video

#38 The Paint Horse Video

#37 Bill Collins @ Calgary Stampede Cutting 2010

#36 The Miniature Breed

#35 Haunches in at the lope

#34 Lead Departure Video

#33 Learning More About Leads

#32 Loping, Cantering, Leads

#31 The Leg Yield

#30 The Half Pass

#29 Shoulders In

#28 The Side Pass

#27 Haunches In

#26 The For-Hand Turn

#25 Trailer Loading

#24 Learning your diagonals video.

Seans Answer

#23 How to clip a horse video.

Katies Question Answered

#22 Walk, Stop, Walk.

#21 Spanish Bridles Video

#20 Steering at the Walk

#19 The Horses Gaits

# 18 The Canadian Breed.

#17 The Different Styles of Walking.

#16 Body position while riding.

#15 Learn how to properly mount and dismount your horse.

#14 Learn how to properly put a bridle on your horse.

#13 Helpful tips for imprinting a colt. Day 3

#12 Helpful tips for imprinting a colt. Day 2

#11 Helpful tips for imprinting a foal. Day 1

#10 How to safely pick out a horses hooves.

#9 An interesting chart about horse markings

#8 Saddling and unsaddling your horse.

#7 The Welsh Pony with Sheila McLellan

#6 Braiding a horses tail.

#5 The basics of grooming your horse safely.

#4 John and Deanne Swales Training facility construction.

#3 How to tie a slip knot and where to tie a horse safely

#2 How to approach and halter a gentle horse.

#1 Horse Behaviour, signs, clues and horse body language

5 Responses to Horsemanship Videos & Human Interest

  1. Debbie Boylan says:

    great job Cody & Farrah!

  2. Cody
    I am fascinated by these videos.You have a natural way of showing what you want done, and communicating it to the viewer and the horse. I hope to see Alice make it through your program.

  3. Raphaëlle says:

    Dear Cody,

    After the third day of imprinting, what do you do?

    Thank’s a lot and I like your vidéos, you are very good for everything.


    • codymcarthur says:

      After the third day I continue with much the same until I can approach the colt and he is relaxed and not nervous with me around. Then I just pet them or rub their rump (they like that) occasionally. Then I just let them be a horse until I start them as coming two year olds. Basically just giving them enough attention to keep them confident in me.

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