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Here is a summarized video on how to start a colt

Hello, my name is Cody McArthur. Our goal is to be YOUR largest multi discipline horse reference on the internet. We hope that our horsemanship videos, or  colt starting videos and recent blog posts can answer all of your equine related questions. If not keep checking back as we have hundreds of videos on inventory that will be released a few times a week over the next few years.

Feel free to browse the entire site! If you have any questions or horse related information that you might wish to share email me at mcarthur76@gmail.com or you can always contact me at 403-771-4112.

Interested in having Cody train a horse? Give a clinic or lessons? Please contact me by phone and browse my training page by clicking my link –>; Cody McArthur

Cody McArthur

9 Responses to Welcome to Cody McArthurs FREE Video Blog

  1. Dear Mr. Mcarhur,
    I have a paint gelding who when we get to the back pasture, he tends to want to turn in a semi-circle and go back towards the round pen. Even if I turn him back around and correct him he still turns back. He isnt herd bound so i dont think leaving the other 3 in the round pen is the problem. could you please leave some hints and pointers to try and help my problem. Thanks,
    Katie Bedford,

  2. I have noticed in your video’s that the horses you are riding are always staying in frame in all the up and down transitions. I am having trouble with frame when I’m going from the trot into the lope.
    And suggestions?


    • codymcarthur says:

      Well mdl, first off when riding any horse I do expect that they do not root on to my hands in any transition or manoeuvre. How I work on this in transitions actually starts at the walk. Once I know that my horse understands what I like to call “basic Training” which means they can walk, trot, lope, stop, turn, and back up with no frame I then begin to teach them to do it in frame. So called “collection” can be harmful to a training program if they do not have “basic” first as it can cause a horse to run through the bridle with zero control and simply hide from the bridle with his chin on his chest. This “hiding” can look great until you try to preform even just a simple manoeuvre and the horse fails to do it. So be sure you have basic on him first.
      Once you have basic, then you can begin teaching him at the walk that there is resistance in his mouth as you are moving forward with your legs on when his head is not in the “in frame position” Allow the horse to create his own release when his pole softens. Create resistance when his pole elevates and his nose is rooted out. He will soon realize that their is an easy place to be (no resistance from the bridle) and a difficult place (resistance from the bridle). Beginning at the walk I then work this theory into my daily training and into all manoeuvres and transitions. This does take time however and if perfected at slower transitions will become easier at faster ones. It is all about making the right thing easy and the wrong thing difficult. If I cant keep him in frame while I push his body around at a slower speed then I know I will have problems at faster speeds. They too must walk ((in frame)) before they can run ((in frame)). I will try to post the next video on this blog to relate to this question.

  3. Cameron McArthur says:

    Cody I love your blog thank you so much for making these videos I learned more than I knew I will remember to do these with my horse!

  4. janene says:

    Wondering where to find foal imprinting video day 1. thanks janene

    • codymcarthur says:

      It is just above the “picking out hooves” video on the horsemanship videos page. There are 3 imprinting videos there, the top one of the three is the last one and the bottom of those three is the first.

  5. Bonnie says:

    Hi Cody, thanks for these videos. You explain everything so well. I am planning on buying my first horse next year. I love the cat that comes into frame on the haltering your horse video.

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