#27 Haunches In At The Trot Video

After the for-hand turn the next leg aid is haunches in. This video is “Haunches in at the trot” I looked all over for my hanches in at the walk, but could not find it so i gave you haunches in at the trot….. But it’s all the same..

Enjoy, Cody McArthur

Filmed By, Farrah Roberts

About codymcarthur

I am a horse trainer wo hopes YOU enjoy horses as much as I do!
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3 Responses to #27 Haunches In At The Trot Video

  1. Ginny Monod says:

    Hi Cody, We wanted to say how much we appreciate your videos. They have been key to reinforcing what we’re learning. You have a great way of communicating and simplifying things. I joined a clinic with Vance and he started out by working on some exercises. I had a hard time with shoulders in and backing in a circle. Now that I’ve had a chance to see your video clips I’m going to try it again. By the way, if you see Greg, tell him , Hi from Ginny and that Stinger is doing great !

  2. Thank you for writing and having wonderful videos. I really enjoyed the futurity championship with Craig Thompson. I like his technique and style. The haunches and leg yields were very helpul in reinforcing what I teach in English riding. It is the same steps. I found this to be very helpful. Check out my webhorse heallth medicationssite if you have some interest in horse health care. Leslie Miller

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