#16 Body Position While Riding Video

We ALL want to look good on a horse, and we ALL have little posture issues while riding that we need to work on. Some lean to far forward, some lean to far back, some roll their shoulders, while others are a stiff as a board. What do you do? Does the judge see it? Do your friends see it? Most importantly HOW DOES IT EFFECT YOUR HORSE? Here is a few basic principals to help you with your Body Position While Riding.

Enjoy Cody McArthur

Filmed by Farrah Roberts

About codymcarthur

I am a horse trainer wo hopes YOU enjoy horses as much as I do!
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2 Responses to #16 Body Position While Riding Video

  1. Karla Boyd says:

    Hi Cody
    I think you are great and have enjoyed all your videos. But I have a question I have a mini horse that I have trouble catching how can I fix this. I rescued her from neglect although I have had her for 2 yrs we are still having trust issues. Can you suggest anything?

    • codymcarthur says:

      Well ideally I would take a regular sized horse to the round pen. In the round pen I would teach them that when I am in the pen with them there is one easy place to be ( with me). And there is one very difficult place to be that entails a lot of hard work and sweat (that’s not with me). You will eventually see the videos when the colt starting videos begin to be uploaded. However I believe your situation is different. I have not heard of anyone taking a “mini” to the round pen. So my best answer right now would be this: because a mini would be classified as more of a pet, I may be so inclined to treat it like one. Keep her in a smaller pen for a while, where she is intact easier to catch. Then when you do catch her give her a very small ration of grain or mineral that you know she enjoys. This way she will begin to associate being caught ad one of the requirements of getting fed her grain. I would not consider this very good information for larger working horses but in your case it would be fine. And besides they’re just so darn cute! 🙂

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