#11 Imprinting Day 1 Video

Imprinting has become a very touchy, even controversial topic lately. To do it, or not to do it! That is the question. The answer….. You do what ever you feel is right, I believe there is nothing wrong with having baby colts quiet, however I don’t feel it is necessary to have them eating out of my pockets or being a nuisance, it just causes misery later on.

So if  you do want to take a little time to “sack them out” when they are 100 pounds as apposed to 1000 pounds I think this video and the 2 to follow may be right up your barn alley.

Enjoy, Cody McArthur

Filmed by Farrah Roberts

About codymcarthur

I am a horse trainer wo hopes YOU enjoy horses as much as I do!
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