#7 The Welsh Pony with Sheila McLellan Video

Many people want to start their children in riding lessons, and their first instinct is to purchase a pony. However not all ponies are as sweet and innocent as we would all like to believe. A friend of mine posted this video on facebook today of a pony that had such a horrible attitude that it was quite dangerous for a youngster to ride, ehem…. however quite funny, but still very dangerous and not much fun for the youngster. Watch below then continue.
So I decided to post this video: The Welsh, with my good friend Sheila McLellan. Sheila was a big part of my horse career 25 years ago, in fact her pony Kilties Gladness was my first mount, and the first mount of countless children in the Calgary area. It is with great pleasure that I present this short video as it is a great source of information….. BEFORE YOU BUY YOUR KIDS A PONY 🙂

Enjoy, Cody McArthur

About codymcarthur

I am a horse trainer wo hopes YOU enjoy horses as much as I do!
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1 Response to #7 The Welsh Pony with Sheila McLellan Video

  1. Lee McLean says:

    Just discovered the wealth of information on your video blog – well done. But I loved the one on Sheila McLellan and the Welsh Pony – I’ve known Sheila for close on to 40 years. Now into my third decade of starting and producing children’s ponies and show ponies, I’d have to agree with all of her wisdom. Thank you, Cody, for giving good ponies their due. A wonderful pony is truly hard to find, but oh, so worth it!

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