#1 How To Approach and Halter a Gentle Horse Video

The following video was prepared by Cody McArthur and Farrah Roberts. The purpose of this video, and the videos to come are to encourage more people to become interested in learning about horses. We are truly passionate about horses, and hope that these video posts will capture the attention of even one person, who might share us in our passion.

The videos to come on this blog are free, and we would love for you to pass them along to others. Safety is our number one concern and it is preached in each video. As the blog becomes aged you will find that the videos flow into intermediate and advanced levels. But for now we feel it is necessary to start near the beginning.

Enjoy! Cody McArthur

How To Approach and Halter a Gentle Horse With a Rope Halter


About codymcarthur

I am a horse trainer wo hopes YOU enjoy horses as much as I do!
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1 Response to #1 How To Approach and Halter a Gentle Horse Video

  1. I am also a horse trainer and i believe that more people should be aware of the correct way to handle your horses and correctly putting on there gear. Thanks

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