To Slaughter or Not to Slaughter

To Slaughter or….. Not to Slaughter

Horse For Slaughter

With so much talk about horse slaughter in Canada and the U.S. these days I sometimes wonder if all of this hype is coming from a few organizations or if it is coming from everyday citizens of North America. How do you feel about the U.S. no horse slaughter law, and how it is affecting the horse population in an economy where people can’t afford to feed horses in some states. Also tell us how you feel about our legal horse slaughter program in Canada.

The following videos are very graphic watch at your own risk! There is one advocacy video from each side. Fair is Fair!

This video is “Against Horse Slaughter”

Unfortunately Horse Slaughter Advocates have not made a strong case on You-Tube so our video “FOR HORSE SLAUGHTER” was not easy to find.

Please post your thoughts, or comments on Horse Slaughter…. and please keep it clean!

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I am a horse trainer wo hopes YOU enjoy horses as much as I do!
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