Breeding Season is here!

With colts and fillies landing on the ground it is once again time for us to load up the ol mare and take her to the stallion of your pick. Often we spend the winter months pondering over which one to breed to! The horse pictured is our own Dual Rey stallion out of a Smart Little Lena mare. I will breed a few of my own mares to him and a few outside mares as well.

Many times I have waited till the last minute to pick who will sire my next years colt. Which is why I have decided to extend an open invitation to any stallion owners for a chance to submit a small write up and some photos or video of their stallion. For free! Just email me with your info and I will be glad to get it out to the public via’s blog.

To view a video of our and other stallions click the stallion link on the top bar of the page!

About codymcarthur

I am a horse trainer wo hopes YOU enjoy horses as much as I do!
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