Horse Behaviour Basics

This horse has a happy expression!

First things first! Anytime you’re dealing with horses you have to understand horse behavior. Horse behavior is so important because it is everything and the only thing that will keep you safe when you’re working around horses. Understanding a horses behavior will give you insight as to how to communicate with the horse on a level that the horse can understand. You must understand that horses have a language of their own, and it is up to you to learn that language so that you can teach them your language. Being aware of things such as; a horse switching their tail, pinning their ears or even looking out of there eye a certain way can tell you a lot about the way horses thinking and feeling when you approach him. Being aware of the different facial gestures and body mannerisms can keep you much safer, this is why its import and to learn all of the different gestures that a horse can give you. It’s very good for all horsemen and women of all ages to understand how a horse is feeling at all times.

When a horses ears are laid on the back of his neck he is generally angry, and there is a possibility

This one, not so friendly!

that the horse could act in a hostile manner. When the ears are forward the horse is generally more accepting of whatever behavior he is approached with. When a horse is looking at you with a higher head and you can see the whites of his eyes, he may be irritated or possibly angry or sulky, in this case be cautious. If a horse is looking at you with a soft eye you generally can approach with no problem. If you approach a horse from the back end and the horse is switching his tail you need to be aware because you are possibly an irritation to that horse if the horses calm I would still recommend always approaching the horse at the shoulder, then going up the neck, and approaching the head to put the halter on.

Note the ears, tail, and overall expression.

If a horse has a bad attitude towards you and shows any of this bad disposition it is import and that you get in contact with an accomplished horse trainer who can help you with your horse. He or she can properly teach your horse how to respond to you with respect, however much of the training is up to you not just the horse trainer. It is essential that you take lessons as well, so that you can learn and understand the way horse thinks, and operates. This way you can be sure to keep his manners in check! In the posts to come we will talk about how to manner horses that have attitude problems, and how to keep well mannered horses on that straight and narrow path!
Until next time,
Cody McArthur

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I am a horse trainer wo hopes YOU enjoy horses as much as I do!
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